The Global Ecology Lab has been active in running the Ecology, Evolution & Environment Seminar Series at Flinders University since early 2018. All presentations are recorded (unless otherwise requested by the presenter) and available for viewing following the links below.

11.10.2021 (forthcoming): Dr J. Marshall Shepherd: TBA


13.09.2021 (forthcoming): Associate Professor Bastien Llamas: TBA


17.08.2021 (forthcoming): Associate Professor Gunnar Keppel: TBA



13.07.2021: Associate Professor Morgan Tingley: ‘The changing nature of fire and its impacts on birds in California‘ (view ad)

08.06.2021: Dr Alice Clement: ‘Fishy brains and fossil endocasts: early vertebrate neural adaptations to life on land‘ (view ad)

09.04.2021: A/Prof John Tibby: ‘Using palaeoenvironmental studies to guide environmental management: some Australian case studies‘ (view ad)

11.12.2020: Dr Vicki Thomson: ‘Evolution and adaptation of tiger snakes‘ (view ad)

27.10.2020: Dr Catherine Boisvert: ‘Hips: their origins and transformation for the transition to land‘ (view ad)

30.09.2020: Dr Martin Breed: ‘Why we should restore urban ecosystems‘ (view ad)

23.09.2020: Erin Mein (special, out-of-session lecture): ‘Morphometric approaches for discriminating marsupial postcrania from two archaeological sites in north-western Australia‘ (view ad

03.09.2020: Dr Alice Jones: ‘Carbon sequestration and storage in South Australia’s coastal ecosystems‘ (view ad)

08.07.2020: Associate Professor Vera Weisbecker: ‘Marvellous marsupials: from deep time morphology to population biogeography‘ (view ad)

11.06.2020: Dr Daniel Rogers: ‘How did the fires impact KI’s biodiversity, and what is next for recovery and conservation?‘ (view ad)

20.02.2020: Dr Richard Hewitt: ‘Modelling the landscapes of extreme climate change: currents challenges and future perspectives‘ (view ad)

07.02.2020: Dr Salvador Herrando-Pérez: ‘Bones: the elephant in the room of radiocarbon dating‘ (view ad)


28.11.2019: Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Reed: ‘Naracoorte Caves: extraordinary windows into the recent past’ (view ad)


13.11.2019: Professor Paul Ehrlich presents ‘The Politics of Environmental Destruction‘ (see also condensed version without the Introduction and audience Q&A; view ad)


15.10.2019: Associate Professor Maren Wellenreuther ‘Going beyond SNPs: the role of structural genomic variants in adaptive evolution and species diversification’ (view ad)


27.09.2019: Professor Luciano Beheregaray ‘Landscape genomics and the evolutionary management of wildlife’ (view ad)


22.08.2019: Dr Samantha Munroe ‘TERN: Australia’s open-access land-ecosystem observatory’ (view ad)


02.08.2019: Dr Zoë Thomas ‘Tipping cascades in polar regions drove global change during early Last Interglacial warming’ (view ad)


31.07.2019: Dr Cesca McInerney ‘Late to the party: Australia’s tardy expansion of C4 vegetation during the Pliocene’ (view ad)


14.06.2019: Dr Emily Fobert ‘Polluting the night with light means losing more than just stars’ (view ad)

07.05.2019: Prof Galen HalversonSupercontinents, snowball Earth, and the emergence of animals’ (view ad)


26.04.2019: Dr Giovanni StronaThe hidden paths to biodiversity loss’ (view ad)


28.03.2019: Assoc/Prof Paul WillisCommunicate your science! Everything has changed, and so must we’ (view ad)


27.02.2019: Prof Richard Warwick ‘The contrasting size-related life histories of benthic fauna in macro- and microtidal estuaries’ & Dr James Tweedley ‘The estuaries of south-western Australia: the good, the bad, and the salty’ (watch both seminars here) (view ad)

20.02.2019: Asst/Prof Nicholas Payne ‘Accelerating shark research: from biomechanics to bites’ (view ad)

14.02.2019: Prof Richard CloutierThe quest for our origin – a step closer to the origin of tetrapods’ (view ad)


02.11.2018: Assoc/Prof Daniel StoufferThe complexity and simplicity of ecological communities’ (view ad)


18.10.2018: Prof Mary Droser ‘The Evolution and Ecology of early animals: The view from the Ediacaran from South Australia’ (view ad)



21.09.2018: Dr Paul Van Ruth ‘Integrated Marine Observing System: a national collaborative program fostering high-quality research through state-of-the-art infrastructure and long-term data’ (view ad)


31.08.2018: Dr Zoë Doubleday ‘Changing seas and proliferating cephalopods: are we releasing the Kraken?’ (view ad)


09.08.2018: Prof Patrick HespNebkha or Not: The role of rainfall and sediment supply in controlling nebkha vs foredune ridge formation’ (view ad)


17.07.2018: Prof Andrew Balmford ‘How to feed the world without costing the Earth’ (view ad)


14.06.2018: Assoc/Prof Diego García-BellidoAn Australian perspective on the early evolution of Animals’ (view ad)


17.05.2018: Dr James Van DykeIntegrating reproductive biology into conservation of declining species’ (view ad)


02.05.2018: Dr Peter UnmackMolecular insights into the biogeography of Australia freshwater fishes’ (view ad)


12.04.2018: Dr Danielle ClodeWriting the Wasp and the Orchid’ (view ad)



22.03.2018: Dr Laura WeyrichLessons from the Neanderthal microbiome: why history matters for modern health’ (view ad)