Opinion Editorials

OP-EDs written by lab members

  1. The ConversationChildren born today will see literally thousands of animals disappear in their lifetime, as global food webs collapse
  2. The ConversationWarming oceans may force New Zealand’s sperm and blue whales to shift to cooler southern waters
  3. The ConversationShould we bring back the thylacine? We asked 5 experts
  4. The ConversationCan we resurrect the thylacine? Maybe, but it won’t help the global extinction crisis
  5. 360info.orgThe Sixth Mass Extinction is happening now, and it doesn’t look good for us
  6. The ConversationPest plants and animals cost Australia around $25 billion a year – and it will get worse
  7. The ConversationThe First Australians grew to a population of millions, much more than previous estimates
  8. The ConversationWe mapped the ‘super-highways’ the First Australians used to cross the ancient land
  9. The ConversationAttack of the alien invaders: pest plants and animals leave a frightening $1.7 trillion bill
  10. The ConversationRecreational hunting, conservation and livelihoods: no clear evidence trail
  11. The ConversationWorried about Earth’s future? Well, the outlook is worse than even scientists can grasp
  12. The Conversation – Climate explained: humans have dealt with plenty of climate variability
  13. Encounter MagazineThe only constant is change
  14. Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the BiosphereNever let a good crisis go to waste
  15. The ConversationWant to make social distancing even more effective? It’s about time (as well as space)
  16. The ConversationDid people or climate kill off the megafauna? Actually, it was both
  17. The ConversationWhat is a ‘mass extinction’ and are we in one now?
  18. The Conversation An incredible journey: the first people to arrive in Australia came in large numbers, and on purpose
  19. The Conversation Key challenges for the re-elected Coalition government: our experts respond
  20. The ConversationThe dingo is a true-blue, native Australian species
  21. The ConversationTandem virus cocktail kills pest rabbits more effectively
  22. The ConversationEven if you were the last rhino on Earth — why populations can’t be saved by a single breeding pair

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