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Ongoing news & highlights from the lab

09.02.2023: Corey Bradshaw‘s and Giovanni Strona‘s paper in Science Advances highlighted in Nature Climate Change

04.11.2022: Corey Bradshaw and Frédérik Saltré are Chief Investigators in the new $35M Centre of Excellence for Indigenous and Environmental Histories and Futures

03.11.2022: Seamus Doherty and Corey Bradshaw take first prize in 50% of the CABAH 2022 photo competition categories: ‘Landscapes’ (Seamus: Wet Tropics, Far North Queensland) & ‘Behind the Scenes’ (Corey: koala captures in South Australia)

18.10.2022: Corey Bradshaw presents ‘Controversies in Conservation’ (online) for the University of Canberra

15.09.2022: Corey Bradshaw presents ‘Modelling patterns of human movement in Australia since arrival to the Holocene’ (online) for the University of Western Australia Archaeology Seminar Series

01.09.2022: PhD candidate Seamus Doherty wins the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH) Visualise Your Thesis competition for his work (Constructing ecological network models to predict community shifts through space and time in the Australian Wet Tropics)

19.07.2022: Fred Saltré presents ‘Interactions of past environmental changes and modern human global expansion’ to the Department of Human Evolution and Archaeological Sciences at the University of Vienna

19.07.2022: Corey Bradshaw named finalist in the category of Scientist of the Year in the 2022 South Australian Science Excellence and Innovation Awards

11-14.07.2022: John Llewelyn & Rupert Mathwin attend the 55th Scientific Meeting of Australian Society of Herpetologists in Mylor, South Australia

11-14.07.2022: Corey Bradshaw (and Fred Saltré remotely) attend the CABAH Masterclass on MIS5 in Cairns

21.06.2022: Corey Bradshaw presents Climate Change & Prospects of a Ghastly Future to the Probus Club of Burnside

31.05–03.06.2022: Frédérik Saltré, John Llewelyn, and Corey Bradshaw travel to Canberra to deliver a CABAH Modelling Roadshow for the Australian National University Node.

08.04.2022: Corey Bradshaw interviewed by Cosmos Magazine

23.03.2022: Rupert Mathwin speaks about his frog research in Victor Harbour: ‘What is a frog?’

25.02.2022: Frédérik Saltré gives a seminar to the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre at the University of New South Wales: ‘The ecological context of the peopling of Australia’

22.12.2021: Corey Bradshaw‘s and Fred Saltré‘s co-authored paper ‘Landscape rules predict optimal super-highways for the first peopling of Sahul‘ in Nature Human Behaviour this year awarded a HPC (High-Performance Computing) User Forum 2021 HPC Innovation Award

22.12.2021: Corey Bradshaw and Fred Saltré awarded $770K from the Australian Research Council for their koala genetic-rescue Linkage Project

09.12.2021: Kathi Peters wins a Flinders University Early Career Alumnus Award. Congratulations!

16.11.2021: Corey Bradshaw a Chief Investigator on successful $10M National Health and Medical Research Council Special Initiative in Human Health and Environmental Change grant: Healthy Environments And Lives (HEAL) — National Research Network on Human Health and Environmental Change (see Flinders blog announcement)

20.10.2021: Farzin Shabani guest-lectured in Flinders University ‘Introduction to Geographical Information Systems’ (STEM8002)

16.10.2021: Corey Bradshaw, along with colleague Eileen Crist, presented ‘How to save the Earth us’ in the Global Village Speakers Series (online)

01.10.2021: Corey Bradshaw interviewed by Robyn Williams on ABC Radio National‘s The Science Show Avoiding a ghastly future

29.09.2021: Corey Bradshaw presented ‘Episode 6: Environment & Sustainability’ for the Flinders Fearless Conversations series

24.09.2021: Corey Bradshaw presented ‘Pathways to a less-ghastly future’ (online) to the current students of Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific

15.09.2021: Corey Bradshaw‘s blog hits the 2.5 million-view mark

20.08.2021: Corey Bradshaw listed as one of South Australia’s most influential people in the environment sector

18.08.2021: Corey Bradshaw speaks at the Flinders Archaeological Science Network ‘Pimp My Profile’ with Alice Gorman & John Long

07.08.2021: Three Global Ecology papers highlighted in Nature Index:

06.08.2021: Corey Bradshaw spoke at Science in the Pub Adelaide‘s ‘The Science of Statistics’ event on human demographic projections

18.05.2021: Sofie Costin receives the Max Clark Prize in Science & Engineering (1 of 5 top students) at the Flinders University, College of Science and Engineering Annual Prizes & Awards Ceremony

25.04.2021: Corey Bradshaw listed in the Reuters Hot List of Top Climate Scientists

19.04.2021: CABAH features our latest paper in eLife: Megafauna mysteries — plotting unpredictable and complex extinction cascades

19.04.2021: Our January 2021 paper in Frontiers in Conservation Science promoted in the Chief Scientist for South Australia‘s ‘Best of the Best’ series

01.04.2021: New paper in Nature co-authored by Corey Bradshaw published (High and rising economic costs of biological invasions worldwide)

03.03.2021: Corey Bradshaw presents the first CABAH Seminar of 2021: Rapid early peopling of late Pleistocene Sahul

01.02.2021: Sofie Costin and Pete Hamnett officially start their Honours projects in the Global Ecology Laboratory

13.01.2021: Corey Bradshaw‘s and Frédérik Saltré‘s paper in the new journal Frontiers in Conservation Science goes a bit viral, with ~ 140,000 views and an Altmetric score of ~ 2300 (as of 27.01.2021). The accompanying The Conversation article has > 450,000 views so far. The paper was featured in > 170 news outlets and blogs around the world (see some examples on our Media page).

13.10.2020: Corey Bradshaw featured in CABAH #QandARC promotional video

28.09.2020: Seamus Doherty interviewed about the Great Southern Bioblitz (ABC, Adelaide Advertiser, Flinders Blog)

17.09.2020: Fiona Laviano gives her ‘Pecha Kucha’ presentation at the 2020 Virtual Meeting of the European Society for the Study of Human Evolution

01.09.2020: Kathryn ‘KV’ Venning appeared on ABC 7.30 Report talking about koalas (view full piece here). Well done, KV!

01.08.2020: We welcome Kealyn Madden as a new Honours student in the lab.

30.07.2020: New PhD student, Seamus Doherty wins prestigious College of Science and Engineering Scholarship. Congratulations!

27.07.2020: Corey Bradshaw publishes his article ‘The only constant is change‘ in the Flinders University Encounter alumnus magazine

05.06.2020: Corey Bradshaw featured in the Flinders University ‘In touch with …‘ series

24.05.2020: Corey Bradshaw presented ‘Australia’s place in the global loss of biodiversity: inevitability of a degraded future for our children‘ (view recorded version here) to Doctors for the Environment Australia

14.03.2020: Corey Bradshaw‘s & Enrico Di Minin‘s Scientific Reports article ‘Socio-economic predictors of environmental performance among African nations‘ among the top 100 most-downloaded in 2019

05.03.2020: Corey Bradshaw speaks at the Flinders Archaeological Science Network ‘Modelling the ecology of the first anatomically modern humans using archaeological data’

05.03.2020: Frédérik Saltré & Corey Bradshaw participate in the 1.5 Degrees Live! event at Flinders University (reading parts of the IPCC Special Report on the impacts of Global Warming of 1.5 °C)

25-27.02.2020: Corey Bradshaw attends the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Recovery Planning Workshop in American River, Kangaroos Island

06.02.2020: Antoine Champreux and Lisa Nink (Flinders Palaeontology) present ‘Giant animal extinctions of South America” at Trott Park Neighbourhood Centre

04.02.2020: Corey Bradshaw presents at the National Shark Bite Mitigation Measures Workshop, Flinders University Marine and Coastal Research Consortium

04.02.2020: Corey Bradshaw presents ‘There’s no plan(et) B‘ to the University of the Third Age in Adelaide

12.12.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents at the Australian Archaeological Association Annual Conference 2019 in Surfers Paradise

03-05.12.2019: Corey Bradshaw attends and speaks at the ‘Climate Change and Future Child Health‘ Symposium sponsored by the Western Australian Health Transition Network and the University of Western Australia in Perth

27.11.2019: Farzin Shabani wins a Flinders University Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Early-Career Research. Congratulations!

18-22.11.2019: Frédérik Saltré and Corey Bradshaw attend ‘Coupling archaeological and ecological/demographic modelling approaches to understand early human migration and mitigate modern disasters‘ at the Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico

15.11.2019: Corey Bradshaw appointed to the Australian Research Council College of Experts

13.11.2019: The Global Ecology Lab jointly organises the Flinders Public Event, ‘The Politics of Environmental Destruction‘ by Professor Paul Ehrlich

12.11.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents at Science Meets Parliament with colleague Professor Paul Ehrlich at the Parliament of South Australia

04-08.11.2019: Many of the Global Ecology team are in Melbourne for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity and Heritage‘s Annual Symposium

29.10-01.11.2019: Corey Bradshaw co-delivers Making Science Matter PhD short course (run by Helsingin Yliopisto and Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet) in Ekenäs Herrgård, Sweden

25.10.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents ‘Dealing with negative feedback’ at the Research Centre for Ecological Change‘s Annual Meeting, Tvärminne Zoological Station, University of Helsinki

25.09.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents at the Australian Science and Mathematics School Sustainable Futures ‘Earth Summit

24.09.2019: Frédérik Saltré has just had accepted in Nature Communications a paper with other GEL (Kathi PetersCorey Bradshaw) and CABAH co-authors. Congratulations!

24.09.2019: Corey Bradshaw participates in the Royal Society of New Zealand‘s Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour Assessment Panel for the 2019 Marsden Fund grants (Full Proposal Phase)

31.08.2019: Corey Bradshaw takes part in the Adelaide SciFightScientists should rule the world‘ comedy debate at the Science Exchange

30.08.2019: Frédérik Saltré visits gives a talk at the EGU Galileo Conference ‘Complex causes of Australian megafauna extinctions during the Late Pleistocene’ in Utrecht, Netherlands

29.08.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents ‘There’s no plan(et) B‘ to the University of the Third Age in Port Adelaide

26.08.2019: Frédérik Saltré visits colleagues in the ‘Modelling of the Terrestrial Biosphere’ group at the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Centre in Frankfurt, Germany

15.08.2019: Antoine Champreux successfully competes in the Flinders University Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) semi-finals. He’s now off to the finals in September! Congratulations!

13.08.2019: Science event at Cowandilla Primary School: Frédérik Saltré works with year 6/7 students of both Cowandilla and Richmond Primary Schools on understanding the impact of climate change and human activities on ecosystem functioning.

06.08.2019: Corey Bradshaw gives lecture at the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford ‘Modelling the rapid expansion of anatomically modern humans in Late Pleistocene Sahul’

25.07.2019: Corey Bradshaw gives seminar at INQUA2019 ‘Modelling sixty millennia of human expansion throughout Sahul‘ in Dublin, Ireland

19.07.2019: Corey Bradshaw gives CABAH workshop ‘Becoming an Effective Scientist’ at the University of Wollongong

17.07.2019: Congratulations to PhD candidate, Kathryn Venning, for receiving a scholarship today from Flinders! Doesn’t she looked pleased with herself (as she should)?

16.07.2019: Postdoctoral Fellow, Kathi Peters, featured in the Flinders University ‘In Touch’ magazine

05.07.2019: PhD students Fiona Laviano & Antoine Champreux compete in the first heat of the 3-Minute Thesis competition. Antoine successfully won the heat, and Fiona also gave a great pitch. Congratulations!

18.06.2019: Lab Director, Corey Bradshaw, featured in the Flinders University ‘In Touch’ magazine — “Hectic mid-year keeps Corey up to his neck and on his toes

21-22.05.2019: Corey Bradshaw speaks at the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yunnan (China): ‘More than 50,000 years of ecological change by humans‘ & ‘Becoming and effective scientist’

16.05.2019: Corey Bradshaw speaks at the ECNU-UAlberta Joint Lab for Biodiversity Study, East China Normal University, Shanghai (China): ‘Ecosystem consequences of the peopling of Australia: 50,000+ years of change

13.05.2019: Corey Bradshaw speaks to South Australia Department for Environment and Water staff: ‘Opportunities to improve the future of South Australia’s terrestrial biodiversity’ (Adelaide Botanic Gardens)

29.04.2019: Dr Giovanni Strona from the EU Joint Research Centre delivers a Flinders University/CABAH day-long workshop on ecological network modelling

24.04.2019: Fred Saltré gives a public lecture — ‘The origin and ecological aftermath of the peopling of Sahul’ — at the Center for the Study of Origins, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

18.04.2019: Corey Bradshaw participates in the Royal Society of New Zealand‘s Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour Assessment Panel for the 2019 Marsden Fund grants (EoI phase)

16.04.2019: Corey Bradshaw gives the Flinders BRAVE LectureThere is no plan(et) B‘ in Adelaide

14.04.2019: Corey Bradshaw is on the panel of the Climate Election Candidates Forum in Adelaide

10.04.2019: Dr Giovanni Strona of the EU Joint Research Centre in Italy visits the lab for the next three weeks

04.04.2019: Frédérik Saltré gives a seminar at the Center for the Study of Origins at the University of Colorado Boulder

22.03.2019: Corey Bradshaw addresses the Extinction Rebellion of South Australia during the delivery of their declaration to Parliament

21.03.2019: Corey Bradshaw talks to the SA Chapter of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand about the 2018 SA State of the Environment Report

15.03.2019: Frédérik Saltré gives a seminar at the Department of Anthropology at University of Colorado

11-12.03.2019: Corey Bradshaw attends the CABAH Masterclass ‘The Filling of the Continent”: Modelling the Peopling of Sahul’ in Cairns

09-10.03.2019: Corey Bradshaw & John Llewelyn run the Modelling Roadshow in Cairns for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH)

05-06.03.2019: PhD students Fiona Laviano and Antoine Champreux successfully complete their candidature confirmations. Congratulations to you both.

27.02.2019: Frédérik Saltré visits the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Colorado Boulder and gives a seminar

21.02.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents at the SA Environment Protection Authority 2018 State of the Environment Public Forum

14.02.2019: Frédérik Saltré gives a seminar at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research

10.02.2019: John Llewelyn officially named the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH) Early-Career Research Representative. Congratulations, John!

06.02.2019: Corey Bradshaw appointed Head of Faculty for Ecology in Faculty of 1000.

img_292911.01.2019: Fred Saltré‘s last day before heading off for several months on Tuesday to the Center for the Study of Origins in Colorado. Bon voyage!

img_292907.01.2019: Welcome back! People are now starting to get back to work in the Lab

21.12.2018: Have a pleasant break. The Global Ecology Laboratory will reopen on 07.01.2019

09.12.2018: End-of-year BBQ at Fred Saltré‘s placeGE EOY BBQ

KV Honours15.12.2018: Congratulations to Kathryn Venning for finishing First Class for her Honours dissertation in December 2018. She will be rejoining the Lab mid-2019 to start a PhD

giovannistrona_bw06.12.2018: Corey Bradshaw was awarded a Flinders International Visiting Fellowship to fund collaborator, Dr Giovanni Strona, to visit the Lab in April 2019

ESA1828.11.2018: Fred Saltré, Corey Bradshaw & Farzin Shabani attend the ESA 2018 Annual Conference in Brisbane

27.11.2018: Fiona Laviano and Antoine Champreux present their PhD projects at the Second College of Science and Engineering Higher Degree Research Conference

Dr5YS-QUUAAJXQD.jpg-large20-21.11.2018: Corey Bradshaw gives three invited seminars at the BRAES Institute at the University of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada

CABAH modelling workshop03.11.2018: Fred Saltré, Corey Bradshaw & Farzin Shabani run the first CABAH Modelling Workshop at Flinders

D Stouffer seminar02.11.2018: Collaborator, A/Prof Daniel Stouffer, visits the Lab and gives a great seminar

M Droser seminar18.10.2018: Collaborator, Prof Mary Droser, visits the Lab and gives a cracker of a seminar

15.10.2018: Dr John Llewelyn joins the Lab!JL joins GEL

fredcowandilla27.09.2018: Fred Saltré presents to Cowandilla Primary School the ecosystem links between the carbon and water cycles

Te Aparangi

25.09.2018: Corey Bradshaw is assessing Marsden Fund grants (Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour Panel) at the Royal Society of New Zealand in Wellington

DnXRi_1V4AALznP18.09.2018: Corey Bradshaw introduces Dr Justin Chalker for the Flinders BRAVE Research and Innovation public lecture series


17.09.2018: Antoine Champreux presents ‘Shazza and the Time Machine’ for the Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) finals for Flinders

bikf-logo06.09.2018: Fred Saltré visits Thomas Hickler‘s group and give a seminar at the Senkenberg Biodiversity and Climate Centre, Frankfurt, Germany

FSAarhus05.09.2018: Fred Saltré is giving a seminar at Jens Svenning‘s lab at Aarhus University in Denmark today

keble_1.450x027.08.2018: Fred Saltré and Fiona Laviano visit Tom Higham and his team at Keble College/School of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Hal Mooney and Paul Ehrlich at the Stanford Staff Club27.07.2018: Corey Bradshaw visits Professors Hal Mooney (left) and Paul Ehrlich (right) at Stanford University in California

DhI67gEVAAAxzrx03.07.2018: Corey Bradshaw presents at the Australian Marine Sciences Association Annual Conference in Adelaide

DgkYQAfXkAAa6Bk25.06.2018: Corey Bradshaw visits Franck Courchamp‘s Écologie Systématique et Évolution lab in Paris, France and gives a few seminars

image23.06.2018: Fred Saltré was awarded a four-month Visiting Scholarship  starting in January 2019 at the Center for the Study of Origins, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

DgUu80tX0AATY8q21.06.2018: Corey Bradshaw visits the University of Helsinki lab of Dr Enrico Di Minin and colleagues and gives a few seminars

DfqOd2HXUAAqytQ15.06.2018: Corey Bradshaw attends the European Congress of Conservation Biology in Jyväskylä, Finland and gives a few talks

timeteam05.06.2018: Fred Saltré and Corey Bradshaw travel to NSW for a CABAH ‘Time Team’ Masterclass

9781138954533-218.04.2018: Corey Bradshaw‘s edited book (led by Katherine Yates) — Offshore Energy and Marine Spatial Planning‘ — is released

TES launch17.04.2018: Corey Bradshaw & illustrator René Campbell launch their new book, The Effective Scientist

DT6veZZXUAAASu520.01.2018: Fred Saltré and Corey Bradshaw attend the US National Science Foundation Synthesis Meeting for the Research Cooperation Network: Using metamodels to enable transdisciplinary research for the study of dynamic biological systems under global change at WhiteOak Conservation near Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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