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15.11.2019: Corey Bradshaw appointed to the Australian Research Council College of Experts

13.11.2019: The Global Ecology Lab jointly organises the Flinders Public Event, ‘The Politics of Environmental Destruction‘ by Professor Paul Ehrlich

12.11.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents at Science Meets Parliament with colleague Professor Paul Ehrlich at the Parliament of South Australia

04-08.11.2019: Many of the Global Ecology team are in Melbourne for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity and Heritage‘s Annual Symposium

29.10-01.11.2019: Corey Bradshaw co-delivers Making Science Matter PhD short course (run by Helsingin Yliopisto and Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet) in Ekenäs Herrgård, Sweden

25.10.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents ‘Dealing with negative feedback’ at the Research Centre for Ecological Change‘s Annual Meeting, Tvärminne Zoological Station, University of Helsinki

25.09.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents at the Australian Science and Mathematics School Sustainable Futures ‘Earth Summit

24.09.2019: Frédérik Saltré has just had accepted in Nature Communications a paper with other GEL (Kathi PetersCorey Bradshaw) and CABAH co-authors. Congratulations!

24.09.2019: Corey Bradshaw participates in the Royal Society of New Zealand‘s Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour Assessment Panel for the 2019 Marsden Fund grants (Full Proposal Phase)

31.08.2019: Corey Bradshaw takes part in the Adelaide SciFightScientists should rule the world‘ comedy debate at the Science Exchange

30.08.2019: Frédérik Saltré visits gives a talk at the EGU Galileo Conference ‘Complex causes of Australian megafauna extinctions during the Late Pleistocene’ in Utrecht, Netherlands

29.08.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents ‘There’s no plan(et) B‘ to the University of the Third Age in Port Adelaide

26.08.2019: Frédérik Saltré visits colleagues in the ‘Modelling of the Terrestrial Biosphere’ group at the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Centre in Frankfurt, Germany

15.08.2019: Antoine Champreux successfully competes in the Flinders University Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) semi-finals. He’s now off to the finals in September! Congratulations!

13.08.2019: Science event at Cowandilla Primary School: Frédérik Saltré works with year 6/7 students of both Cowandilla and Richmond Primary Schools on understanding the impact of climate change and human activities on ecosystem functioning.

06.08.2019: Corey Bradshaw gives lecture at the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford ‘Modelling the rapid expansion of anatomically modern humans in Late Pleistocene Sahul’

25.07.2019: Corey Bradshaw gives seminar at INQUA2019 ‘Modelling sixty millennia of human expansion throughout Sahul‘ in Dublin, Ireland

19.07.2019: Corey Bradshaw gives CABAH workshop ‘Becoming an Effective Scientist’ at the University of Wollongong

17.07.2019: Congratulations to PhD candidate, Kathryn Venning, for receiving a scholarship today from Flinders! Doesn’t she looked pleased with herself (as she should)?

16.07.2019: Postdoctoral Fellow, Kathi Peters, featured in the Flinders University ‘In Touch’ magazine

05.07.2019: PhD students Fiona Laviano & Antoine Champreux compete in the first heat of the 3-Minute Thesis competition. Antoine successfully won the heat, and Fiona also gave a great pitch. Congratulations!

18.06.2019: Lab Director, Corey Bradshaw, featured in the Flinders University ‘In Touch’ magazine — “Hectic mid-year keeps Corey up to his neck and on his toes

21-22.05.2019: Corey Bradshaw speaks at the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yunnan (China): ‘More than 50,000 years of ecological change by humans‘ & ‘Becoming and effective scientist’

16.05.2019: Corey Bradshaw speaks at the ECNU-UAlberta Joint Lab for Biodiversity Study, East China Normal University, Shanghai (China): ‘Ecosystem consequences of the peopling of Australia: 50,000+ years of change

13.05.2019: Corey Bradshaw speaks to South Australia Department for Environment and Water staff: ‘Opportunities to improve the future of South Australia’s terrestrial biodiversity’ (Adelaide Botanic Gardens)

29.04.2019: Dr Giovanni Strona from the EU Joint Research Centre delivers a Flinders University/CABAH day-long workshop on ecological network modelling

24.04.2019: Fred Saltré gives a public lecture — ‘The origin and ecological aftermath of the peopling of Sahul’ — at the Center for the Study of Origins, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

18.04.2019: Corey Bradshaw participates in the Royal Society of New Zealand‘s Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour Assessment Panel for the 2019 Marsden Fund grants (EoI phase)

16.04.2019: Corey Bradshaw gives the Flinders BRAVE LectureThere is no plan(et) B‘ in Adelaide

14.04.2019: Corey Bradshaw is on the panel of the Climate Election Candidates Forum in Adelaide

10.04.2019: Dr Giovanni Strona of the EU Joint Research Centre in Italy visits the lab for the next three weeks

04.04.2019: Frédérik Saltré gives a seminar at the Center for the Study of Origins at the University of Colorado Boulder

22.03.2019: Corey Bradshaw addresses the Extinction Rebellion of South Australia during the delivery of their declaration to Parliament

21.03.2019: Corey Bradshaw talks to the SA Chapter of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand about the 2018 SA State of the Environment Report

15.03.2019: Frédérik Saltré gives a seminar at the Department of Anthropology at University of Colorado

11-12.03.2019: Corey Bradshaw attends the CABAH Masterclass ‘The Filling of the Continent”: Modelling the Peopling of Sahul’ in Cairns

09-10.03.2019: Corey Bradshaw & John Llewelyn run the Modelling Roadshow in Cairns for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH)

05-06.03.2019: PhD students Fiona Laviano and Antoine Champreux successfully complete their candidature confirmations. Congratulations to you both.

27.02.2019: Frédérik Saltré visits the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Colorado Boulder and gives a seminar

21.02.2019: Corey Bradshaw presents at the SA Environment Protection Authority 2018 State of the Environment Public Forum

14.02.2019: Frédérik Saltré gives a seminar at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research

10.02.2019: John Llewelyn officially named the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH) Early-Career Research Representative. Congratulations, John!

06.02.2019: Corey Bradshaw appointed Head of Faculty for Ecology in Faculty of 1000.

img_292911.01.2019: Fred Saltré‘s last day before heading off for several months on Tuesday to the Center for the Study of Origins in Colorado. Bon voyage!

img_292907.01.2019: Welcome back! People are now starting to get back to work in the Lab

21.12.2018: Have a pleasant break. The Global Ecology Laboratory will reopen on 07.01.2019

09.12.2018: End-of-year BBQ at Fred Saltré‘s placeGE EOY BBQ

KV Honours15.12.2018: Congratulations to Kathryn Venning for finishing First Class for her Honours dissertation in December 2018. She will be rejoining the Lab mid-2019 to start a PhD

giovannistrona_bw06.12.2018: Corey Bradshaw was awarded a Flinders International Visiting Fellowship to fund collaborator, Dr Giovanni Strona, to visit the Lab in April 2019

ESA1828.11.2018: Fred Saltré, Corey Bradshaw & Farzin Shabani attend the ESA 2018 Annual Conference in Brisbane

27.11.2018: Fiona Laviano and Antoine Champreux present their PhD projects at the Second College of Science and Engineering Higher Degree Research Conference

Dr5YS-QUUAAJXQD.jpg-large20-21.11.2018: Corey Bradshaw gives three invited seminars at the BRAES Institute at the University of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada

CABAH modelling workshop03.11.2018: Fred Saltré, Corey Bradshaw & Farzin Shabani run the first CABAH Modelling Workshop at Flinders

D Stouffer seminar02.11.2018: Collaborator, A/Prof Daniel Stouffer, visits the Lab and gives a great seminar

M Droser seminar18.10.2018: Collaborator, Prof Mary Droser, visits the Lab and gives a cracker of a seminar

15.10.2018: Dr John Llewelyn joins the Lab!JL joins GEL

fredcowandilla27.09.2018: Fred Saltré presents to Cowandilla Primary School the ecosystem links between the carbon and water cycles

Te Aparangi

25.09.2018: Corey Bradshaw is assessing Marsden Fund grants (Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour Panel) at the Royal Society of New Zealand in Wellington

DnXRi_1V4AALznP18.09.2018: Corey Bradshaw introduces Dr Justin Chalker for the Flinders BRAVE Research and Innovation public lecture series


17.09.2018: Antoine Champreux presents ‘Shazza and the Time Machine’ for the Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) finals for Flinders

bikf-logo06.09.2018: Fred Saltré visits Thomas Hickler‘s group and give a seminar at the Senkenberg Biodiversity and Climate Centre, Frankfurt, Germany

FSAarhus05.09.2018: Fred Saltré is giving a seminar at Jens Svenning‘s lab at Aarhus University in Denmark today

keble_1.450x027.08.2018: Fred Saltré and Fiona Laviano visit Tom Higham and his team at Keble College/School of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Hal Mooney and Paul Ehrlich at the Stanford Staff Club27.07.2018: Corey Bradshaw visits Professors Hal Mooney (left) and Paul Ehrlich (right) at Stanford University in California

DhI67gEVAAAxzrx03.07.2018: Corey Bradshaw presents at the Australian Marine Sciences Association Annual Conference in Adelaide

DgkYQAfXkAAa6Bk25.06.2018: Corey Bradshaw visits Franck Courchamp‘s Écologie Systématique et Évolution lab in Paris, France and gives a few seminars

image23.06.2018: Fred Saltré was awarded a four-month Visiting Scholarship  starting in January 2019 at the Center for the Study of Origins, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

DgUu80tX0AATY8q21.06.2018: Corey Bradshaw visits the University of Helsinki lab of Dr Enrico Di Minin and colleagues and gives a few seminars

DfqOd2HXUAAqytQ15.06.2018: Corey Bradshaw attends the European Congress of Conservation Biology in Jyväskylä, Finland and gives a few talks

timeteam05.06.2018: Fred Saltré and Corey Bradshaw travel to NSW for a CABAH ‘Time Team’ Masterclass

9781138954533-218.04.2018: Corey Bradshaw‘s edited book (led by Katherine Yates) — Offshore Energy and Marine Spatial Planning‘ — is released

TES launch17.04.2018: Corey Bradshaw & illustrator René Campbell launch their new book, The Effective Scientist

DT6veZZXUAAASu520.01.2018: Fred Saltré and Corey Bradshaw attend the US National Science Foundation Synthesis Meeting for the Research Cooperation Network: Using metamodels to enable transdisciplinary research for the study of dynamic biological systems under global change at WhiteOak Conservation near Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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